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QUILT Patterns (Page 3)

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We have a wide selection of patterns available and many more will be added as time permits. Bookmark this page and come again to view more patterns as they are added. If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to send an email.

Going Dotty   European Chic   Flying Colors   Stacked Mariner's Compass

from Cottage Charm - quilt measures 160cm x 160cm


from Cottage Charm - quilt measures 145cm x 180cm


by Georgette Dell'Orco for Cozy Quilt Designs - quilt measures 64" x 64"


by Mary Lou Hallenbeck for H D Designs. Make these amazing blocks using only 3 seams in the construction of each compass. Measures approx. 100" x 100"

  AU$9.95 inc GST

    AU$9.95 inc GST

    AU$14.95 inc GST

    AU$31.95 inc GST

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